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Sandbag Games is an indie game studio that develops RPG games for Android and iOS. We focus on providing a satisfying game experience, unique gameplay elements and a fair business model.



Spellmaster is a game about adventure, exploration, duels and lots of magic. You play as a young mage who travels the world, battles monsters, meets compelling characters and improves his or her magical powers. This unique fantasy RPG has a Dungeons & Dragons-like single player campaign mode and an online duel mode.

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About Sandbag Games

We really focus on what is essential when playing a game - it should be fun! The current mobile game market is flooded with generic games that have little to no creative elements. These addictive, "cash-grab" games are built solely to make a profit. This where Sandbag Games sets itself apart: our games are free to play, have no pay-to-win elements and contain no ads.



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