Text Adventure

Spellmaster is a brand new mobile fantasy RPG. Play as a young mage and explore a magical world full of treasures, compelling characters and fantastic creatures. Make the right decisions in this alternative text-based RPG to become a powerful mage and gather the power to defeat the boss. Learn the unique action combat system and become a true master of spells!


Gameplay features


Roll into adventure

Explore a variety of landscapes by rolling several kinds of dice. You'll find randomized events, stores, quests, monsters and more. Your goal is to defeat the boss at the end of the level. Make sure to gear up before the fight!

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Push your luck

Depending on the tiles you land on, different types of events will trigger. Make the right choices to avoid traps, find treasure and meet other characters. Use special items to increase the success rate of your choices!


Draw to cast spells

Fight powerful creatures like a true magician: cast spells by drawing the corresponding pattern on the screen. There are over 30 elemental spells to choose from with a variety of effects. This combat system easy to learn but hard to master!

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Battle in real-time PvP

Put your skills to the test by challenging a friend to an online duel or find random players to compete against in real-time, equalized PvP.


No ads, no pay to win

Most mobile games have a pretty aggressive monetization system which is why mobile games in general have a bad reputation. We at Sandbag Games do not participate in this as we believe it can be very frustrating for players. Therefore, our games have no pay to win elements and they are also free of ads!


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Languages: English, French, Dutch


About Sandbag Games

Sandbag Games is an indie game studio that develops RPG's for Android and iOS. We focus on providing a satisfying gaming experience, unique gameplay elements and a fair business model. It is run by a single developer and is located in Ghent, Belgium.

We really focus on what is essential when playing a game - it should be fun! The current mobile games market is flooded with pay to win games that contain little to no creative elements. This is where Sandbag Games stands out: our games are free to play, contain no ads and there is no pay to win.